Canyon Guitars

For love of music and the musician

Daniel Adams | Jack Dolan

After years of selling instruments on the internet I finally opened a “Brick & Mortar” music store (Hot Rod Music) in Graham Washington in 2012. It was very small and could only hold about 60 guitars and 30 amps. Needless to say we out grew that building pretty quick, so in 2016 we moved to a better location on Canyon Road Puyallup and became “Canyon Road Guitars”. Now we had room for about 100 guitars and 60 amps. I would have been happy there for the rest of my life however Pierce County had other ideas, they were going to widen the road and use “Eminent Domain” to take all of my parking lot. Am I still bitter? You bet, that sting will never go away. So with few other options we found a new much larger building in Lakewood and started to remodel it. We opened the new “Canyon Guitars” in late 2022. We are very proud of how it turned out and I’m very thankful to everyone who helped make this happen. Now we have room for well over 180 guitars and 100 plus amps. Come on in and check us out, you won’t find a friendlier/fair place for your music needs. Remember the independent music store is a dying breed, all but one of the stores from my youth are gone. Our prices are every bit as good if not better than Sweetwater or Guitar Center, I guarantee it!!!